Antarcticas Secrets: Scientists Conspiracy Vianka Van Bokkem



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Antarcticas Secrets: Scientists Conspiracy  by  Vianka Van Bokkem

Antarcticas Secrets: Scientists Conspiracy by Vianka Van Bokkem
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Kalei Aneko is a 22 year old reporter dedicated to find and cover real stories. There have been numerous rumors about a military cover up in Antarctica and she intends to find the truth. Kalei waits patiently in New Zealand for an opportunity to board a navy aircraft going to Antarctica.Kalei finds out that a young naval officer named Shawn Michael Nolan the II was flying the CH-60 Seahawk helicopter “solo” back to Antarctica carrying supplies.

This was the perfect chance for her to hide between the multiple boxes full of food and beverages.Will Kalei uncover a military cover up? Or are the Antarctica scientists causing an intentional global warming to receive large amounts of cash to cover “other kind of experiments”.

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